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About Lantai Company
Our company¡¯s mission is to find value in bringing value to others!
Our company¡¯s vision is to bring healthy and happy life to all who live under Earth¡¯s blue skies!

Guangzhou Lantai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a professional organization that is committed to providing healthy drinking water to families, businesses and hospitals in China. We accomplish this through our water filtration and treatment appliances, such as our alkaline water machines.
In 2007, Lantai¡¯s founder, Chemist and Business Executive Mr. Hua Zhang, helped to establish the industry standard for alkaline water machines in China. The criteria used to govern our company¡¯s products are the basis for the national industry standards. In addition to obtaining a national patent for his EVI technology, Mr. Zhang also finished as a top 5 finalist in the 2007 ¡°Win in China¡± competition. This event, which is organized annually by China Central TV, attracts 15,000 CEO¡¯s from across the country and seeks to discover the nation¡¯s most notable up and coming companies.

From the initial consignment to the advancement of the company¡¯s production lines, Lantai has elevated itself to become the nation¡¯s premier alkaline water machine producer. However, as a Lantai member, we never stray from our company¡¯s values by asking ourselves: Why do we choose to participate in the business of providing clean water? How do we remain consistent with the "blue attitude" that we seek to cultivate? And why should customers trust us with their business? Lantai¡¯s reply is simple,

Those who can bring value to others, themselves will become valuable.

In order to verify the quality of its water, Lantai has worked with well-known medical institutions and research institutions (Beijing 301 Hospital, South China University of Technology, Xi'an Fourth Military Medical University and others) to actively assess its alkaline filtered water. Lantai has achieved promising experimental results. In order to further advance its commitment to the quality of its water. Lantai has set up its own Chinese Center for Disease Control Standards-graded laboratories that seek to develop future improvements in water filtration technology and to promote other healthy enterprises. By the end of 2010, with both modern science and traditional Chinese culture having been merged into the company¡¯s philosophy and management, Lantai¡¯s mission has become, "May the people of the world be healthy and happy"!


Lantai History & Achievements

1996, Lantai is founded by Hua Zhang.
1999, Lantai¡¯s standards are accepted as the industry¡¯s eventual standard.
2003, Lantai begins its partnership with Beijing 301 Hospital to carry out medical experiments on alkaline water technology.
2005, Lantai¡¯s first product, alkaline water machine, is introduced to the market; EVI technology is awarded a national patent certificate.
2006, Lantai receives the ISO9001: 2000 system certification, UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) Certification.
2007 (March), Lantai¡¯s Zhang led the introduction of the Government¡¯s water machine industry standard.
2007 (Sept), Hua Zhang is recognized as the industry¡¯s chief expert. Zhang¡¯s technology finishes in the top five of the "Win in China" competition out of 15,000 entries.
2009, Lantai¡¯s Ultrafiltration compound water purifiers are placed on the market and the technology is granted a national patent.
2010, Lantai¡¯s Alkaline water filter is granted NMR verification by the South China University.
2012, The antioxidant function of Lantai¡¯s alkaline water is verified through extensive experimentation conducted by the Fourth Military Medical University of Xi¡¯an. Additionally, the Lantai Community Foundation is founded.
2015, Lantai¡¯s founder Zhang is selected as the Guangzhou good Citizen of the Year.
2016, Lantai Company is recognized as a ¡°Good Citizen¡± by the Guangzhou City Commerce Dept.

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